Hammelmann Oelde Descaling Pumps and Descale Pump Units

Hammelmann Oelde Reciprocating Plunger Pumps and Descaling Pumps

Hammelmann manufactures a complete range of reciprocating plunger pumps with power ratings to 1,500 HP. Hammelmann high pressure descaling pumps are built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters of each individual pump.

Hammelmann pumps are available in triplex and quintuplex design, and are mounted vertically, thus taking minimum space and providing optimum alignment of plungers, sleeves, and valves. The cylinders are hermetically sealed via a “bellows” that does not see high pressure.

These pumps feature internal gear reduction so that they may be close coupled directly to the electrical motor or other drive element. They have a standard forged stainless steel high pressure fluid end designed so that there is no stress reversal which can cause fatigue cracks.

The Hammelmann Oelde descaling pumps include force fed lubrication and cooling systems, and are available with operating pressures greater than 50,000 psi and flow rates to 465 gpm in a single pump.

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